Friday, August 14, 2015

"...a time outside time..."

His words:

And mine:

Oliver (or Dr. Sacks, if you prefer),

I am inconsolable. I have not met you, but your influence on me and my life's trajectory has been profound and ineffable. The world (my world) has been a better place because you're in it; I can't imagine being without. I only hope that I have contributed even a fraction of what you have to our understanding of the human condition by the time my clock has tic'd its last toc.

Thank you for writing, for that is what reached me at a young age. Thank you for reaching my Mother first, for she somehow knew the influence your words would wield. Thank you for using your wisdom to care for (and learn from) others, for that is my life's goal. Thank you.

With love, respect, and gratitude,

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